Clydesdales Musical Talent

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The Broadbridges

the broadbridges - aidan and nicolas

Aidan Broadbridge

Nicolas M Broadbridge

Tom Clelland

Cloud Howe Ceilidh Band

Andrew Gibb

 Picture by Lindsay Addison

Dave Gibb

dave gibb  of lindsay addison

Jim Gold

Guy Heath

guy heath  of lindsay addison



koda  of lindsay addison

Robin Laing

 robin laing  of lindsay addison

Angus Lyon

angus lyon

Clare McLaughlin

Andy Munro

Tom Orr

tom orr  of lindsay addison
© of Lindsay Addison 

Savourna Stevenson



BLF Ceilidh Band 2005
BLF Ceilidh Band 2005
Copyright of Lindsay Addison
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